What is yoga about?

Yoga is an especially effective way to keep ourselves healthy.

It helps to balance the lack of physical activities in our life, also we can avoid and recover from sport injuries, and we can avoid the day-by-day quick exhaustion both physically and mentally. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical condition.

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How is Jalagati yoga different?

We united the eastern tradition of yoga with the most recent knowledge of training and rehabilitation medical practice.

We studied the different yoga exercises from a medical and physiotherapy perspective and we adjusted it to the needs of modern man in terms of physical activity. We compiled such exercises that are perfect for preserving the health of the 21th century man.

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Jalagati and water- the meaning of Jalagati

The word Jalagati derives from two Sanskrit words; jala means water and gati means power. So we could translate the word Jalagati as the power of water . We know that 70-75% of the human body is water, so this is our most dominant component part. If our body contains water to such an extent then it has a strong influence on us no matter if we are aware of it or not. That is also why our yoga center has this name – it tells much about us.


What does your body tell you?

Did you know that during yoga, your body reveals much about you? But what does it mean in practice? The different kind of activities inside your body – illnesses, healing procedures, stress from work – are all have an impact on your physical condition.


Jalagati -
Water meditation

Listen to Jalagati’s Water Meditation on Youtube! If you like the song, visit us and try yoga with our own songs. The yoga songs of Jalagati will soon be available on an album. You can ask about it at our studios.

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